What can I expect from a DTS in Byron Bay?

Firstly, a DTS is foundational for any Christian. It helps give the tools to walk out our faith with Victory then relevantly teaches us how to put Love into action! So if your heart is open, you want to know how to live out your christian walk, you want to know God more, have Him change you and have a lot of fun doing it, apply for a DTS! With YWAM we don’t just teach you, we walk with you on your journey towards wholeness and we nudge you to step into all that you are made to be and do. Each DTS varies slightly but in general you will have 12 weeks of teaching during your lecture phase. The courses we teach on are selected from the following:

  • Character & Nature of God
  • Communication with God
  • Father Heart of God
  • Missions
  • Holy Spirit
  • Lordship of Christ
  • Relationships
  • Evangelism
  • Worship
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Identity
  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer/Intercession
  • Covenants
  • Destiny
  • Stewardship
  • Forgiveness/Conflict Resolution

For the Adventure DTS, we combine these classes with adventure outings such as camping, skydiving, surfing, biking, kayaking (things like this – again with some changes depending on seasons and the individuals and their abilities etc). Then add onto that local missions in Byron! Byron is a little surf town and it’s known as a spiritually open place and a vacation hot spot… tons of backpackers and families flow through here every year which makes it easy to reach the nations – because they come to us! Some of the local missions we do are a weekly free bbq and free beach sports in town, but beyond that each school has it’s own ideas they implement.

Followed by your lectures and local missions is approx. 2 months of overseas missions. Once again each school finds out on their school which specific countries and missions they will be able to choose from/do. Our YWAM Center here in Byron has connections and a heart for many of the east Asian countries like Indonesia, east Timor, Cambodia, PNG – & sometimes Thailand & India. So what are you waiting for? Apply Now!

What is a Discipleship Training School?

A DTS (Discipleship Training School) is an insanely positive place for Christian growth that does exactly that! Geared toward 18 – 35 year olds, the heart of the DTS is “to know God and make Him known.” The emphasis is about both knowledge gained and principles applied. The DTS really is an amazing place to grow and develop personal character and identify your unique gifts. Each DTS capitalizes on different interests and passions. Whether it’s in the outback or in a huge city, it can be a lot of fun exploring your creative side. Our DTS provides the opportunity to layer your interest and passions into the DTS experience. The DTS is the entry-level program into training and further involvement with Youth With a Mission.

What sort of qualifications will I get from a DTS?

As of late 2016, all courses offered at YWAM Byron Bay are accredited with the University of the Nations (YWAM international). However, the UofN is not recognized as a university in every country around the world. If you are Australian, it might also be beneficial to know that the DTS in Byron Bay is not recognised within Australia’s Vocational Education Training Sector.

What are the options for further study and second level schools?

The Discipleship Training School is the foundation course which acts as a pre-requisite for further training within YWAM Internationally. As of late 2016, YWAM Byron Bay is running a two-year second level training course in Christian Missions, which is not only accredit by the UofN, but also by the Australian Vocational Education Training Sector. Our newest secondary school is the school of evangelism or S.O.M.E., which will prepare and train you to reach the nations with the Gospel!

Who are the teachers?

Live guest lecturers are the norm. Those who teach are other YWAM leaders nationally and internationally, local YWAM staff, and other reputable speakers who are involved in the church locally or internationally.

What makes me eligible for a DTS?

To be eligible for a course, students must first meet the initial entry requirements (age, English proficiency, prerequisites) and successfully submit a completed application and accompanying reference forms. Offers of placement in a course are then based upon an assessment of the extent to which the experience, qualifications, aspirations, and Christian character and calling of the applicant are matched by the opportunity offered and any additional curriculum or legislative requirements.

What is YWAMs Denomination?

YWAM is an international, inter-denominational organisation with staff and students from a broad range of denominational backgrounds.

Can you explain finances and support raising?

For specific fees and the refund policy please refer to the Financial Agreement in the appropriate course application. Staff and students are required to raise their own financial and prayer support for the duration of their involvement with YWAM Byron Bay. We are happy to send you additional resources on finances and support raising if you would like further information.

How can I communicate with my child during DTS?

Due to the varied schedule of our courses, the best way to contact your son/daughter is electronically via email, facebook, facebook chat, skype, twitter, etc. Should you need to mail a care package or reach your son/daughter by phone, visit our contact page for those details.

What are the living arrangements?

Accommodation is dormitory style with shared rooms for between 4 – 12 students and shared bathroom facilities. During outreach (field assignment) phase, accommodation varies depending on location and may be anything from staying with local billets, to bunking in a church hall, or being hosted by another YWAM base. Due to the live-learn philosophy of Youth With a Mission’s training, all students are required to be resident for the duration of the course.


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