Summer Vibes DTS


Why Byron Bay?

It’s a unique experience

Our DTS integrates learning & doing – you’ll have ongoing opportunities to process what you are learning & apply it to everyday life. You’ll be part of our community life, small groups, one-on-one mentorship, local outreaches and more.

You will experience all of these in a one-of-a-kind setting! Byron Bay is a fun, relaxed little surf town full of backpackers who live the surf & road trip lifestyle. Come and enjoy the beach vibe, learn surfing, and hang out at one of the sunset drum sessions at the beach!


Lecture Phase

Your first 3 months

Our Summer Vibes DTS begins with three months of Lecture Phase. In this time you will grow in your relationship with God as each week you journey with Him through lectures, community, local outreach, small groups, personal discipleship, prayer and worship times.

Some of the main lecture topics include: Character & Nature of God, Communication with God, Father Heart of God, Missions, Holy Spirit, Lordship of Christ, Relationships, Evangelism, Identity, Conflict Resolution.


Local Outreach

Your first 3 months

We are located in Byron Bay, a beautiful surf town on the East coast of Australia. It’s known as a very spiritually open place and a vacation & surf hot spot!

Lots of backpackers and surfers come through here every year and are easy to connect with! There is such a great opportunity within our own town that throughout the lecture phase we will run outreach events like schoolies or Impact Summer to connect with travellers and surfers, here in Byron Bay.

pic of outreach (pan + chai?)

Global Outreach

Making God Known

During your lecture phase you will find out which specific countries and projects you will be able to join for your overseas outreach.

Many of our teams have gone out to East Asian countries like Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, and Thailand. In more recent years, we've also had teams in other nations such as Turkey and India. Who knows where God will call you! Are you ready to go?


Ready for the Summer of Your Life?

September 2019 - March 2020 

$4000 AUD for lecture phase tuition +

$460 AUD for Summer Vibes DTS “package fee” – this covers equipment, sports & local travel costs +

$4000-5000 for outreach – dependent on outreach location


Summer in September?

Yes! Since we are in the Southern Hemipshere, we have Christmas in summer and our colder season during June. For all other details, have a look at our About and FAQ sections. If you can’t find an answer there, feel free to contact us directly & we’ll help you out!

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