What are secondary schools?

Once you have completed your Discipleship Training School (DTS) you are then eligible to attend any of the Secondary Schools that we offer at our base.

These schools are designed to further equip you in skills such as studying the Word and understanding it, leadership skills, sharing the gospel confidently, growing in areas of skills that you have and so much more!

The discipleship training does not just stop once your DTS is over, but in fact, by doing a secondary school, it builds on what you have already learnt and develops more understanding of what it is like to be follower of Christ and a bringer of the Kingdom onto earth.


Discipleship Bible School
March 2020

Let’s read the Word of God together while learning how to interpret it.

School of Evangelism + Missions
September 2019

Come and we will reach the nations together!

Staff Internship

Join our staff internship and dig deeper into missions.