Surfers, Skaters + Backpackers DTS

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Catch The Wave

The Focus
The vision of this DTS is to train, mobilize, and equip disciples for missions. We want to reach out to the surf and backpackers community in the surrounding districts and around the earth. Jump on board and see the Spirit of God transform yourself, nations and hearts. So our challenge to you is this: Catch the Wave!

Not a surfer yet?
No worries, you don’t need to be a surfer to join our surfers & backpackers DTS! You will have the opportunity to learn how to ride the beautiful Byron waves, but there is no expected level of expertise you need to bring or develop while you're here.

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Our Heart

Let’s make God known!

Our desire is to give you the opportunity to seek, study, pray, learn and minister God’s love to the lost and broken within our town of surfers and backpackers and then into the nations. So our call goes out to all:

Whether you are a surfer or a traveler at heart (including if you love Photography/Videography and want to use this within our theme), or none of these, we would love to invite you to join the incredible opportunity here to ‘know God’ for yourself and then ‘make him known’.

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Lecture Phase

Your first 3 months

The Surfers/Backpackers DTS begins with three months of Lecture Phase. In this time you will grow in your relationship with God as each week you journey with Him through lectures, community, local outreach, small groups, personal discipleship, surfing, prayer and worship times.

We plan to have a portion of time away at a different surf locations for lectures and there will be opportunities to connect with Christian Surfers (CS – which is a ministry here in Australia) and other local events.


Local Outreach

We are located in Byron Bay, a beautiful surf town on the East coast of Australia. It’s known as a very spiritually open place and a vacation & surf hot spot!

Lots of backpackers and surfers come through here every year and are easy to connect with! There is such a great opportunity within our own town that throughout the lecture phase we will run outreach events to connect with travelers and surfers here in Byron Bay.


Global Outreach

Going into all the world

During your lecture phase you will find out which specific countries and missions you will be able to join for your overseas outreach.

Our base here in Byron has connections and a heart for many of the East Asian countries like Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Thailand. We also have had teams more recently in other nations such as Turkey and India. Get ready for an amazing journey with God!


Take the Road Less Travelled

February 2020 - July 2020

$4000 AUD for lecture phase tuition +
$350 AUD for Surfers & Backpackers DTS “package fee” – this covers sports & local travel costs +
$4000-5000 for outreach – dependent on outreach location


We are aware that this term means different things in different nations. For this school, what we mean
is a person who travels regularly with a backpack using cheap accommodation such as
hostels/ backpackers across Australia.