Pancakes in the Park

Outreach to backpackers is a big focus for us here at Byron Bay. We see many university aged travelers who want to come and have a chat. Jesus said Go into all the world and make disciples of all the nations. Here in Byron Bay, Australia, the nations come to us and they are hungry for the truth. Every Thursday afternoon we hand out free pancakes and chai tea at the Rails Park in Byron Bay. We also provide bibles and live music in an effort to share the love of Jesus with anyone who shows up. The laid back atmosphere is welcoming to travelers and locals alike, and it’s a great opportunity to share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Schoolies is a period of time where year 12 students party in different cities along the coast after their graduation. Our aim is to partner with local pastoral services to provide a safe space and provide the services needed for schoolies. We seek to meet them where they are and share with them amazing plans and callings that God has placed on their life.


Impact Summer

Come! Bring yourself or come with your friends and join us for a fantastic two-week evangelistic camp. During Impact Summer our goal is to inspire, train and equip young people of all ages to get out and share their faith in both a powerful and relevant manner, here in beautiful Byron Bay. We host many other outreach teams during this time and would love to have you!



Mardi Grass is an annual event that the town of Nimbin hosts. Nimbin is known for its vibrant and full-on hippie culture. The drugs and kicked back way of life draw travelers from all over the world, and give us a platform to proclaim His truth. We are keen to jump right in the middle of this event and shine His light through our presence. BBQs, live music, and other activities are just some of the ways we like engage with people. Heaps of fun and never a dull moment!