Acknowledgment of Financial Responsibility

All fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and must be paid in Australian dollars. You will be notified of any changes to this fee schedule prior to arrival.



Registration fee of $30 - To be paid with application

Enrolment Deposit of $610 - Once accepted, $610 to be sent within 2 weeks of receiving the “letter of offer” ($150 is non-refundable)

You are responsible for finding Overseas Student Health Cover and you will need to be covered before coming to Australia

Tuition of $4000 - Remainder of tuition to be paid 3 weeks prior to the start of the school.

Outreach Airfare costs are to be announced are required in full before leaving on outreach.


Refund Policy

Prior to commencement of the course.

Cancelled course - fees paid back in full.

Visa is Denied - fees paid back in full, less application fee

Voluntary Withdrawal - fees paid back in full, less application fee

(more than 28 days prior to commencement of school).

Voluntary Withdrawal - fees paid back, less application fee and enrolment deposit

(less than 28 days prior to commencement of school).

After commencement of the course.

Withdrawal during week one - 90% of tuition, less enrolment deposit

Withdrawal during week two - 60% of tuition, less enrolment deposit

Withdrawal during week three or four - 30% of tuition, less enrolment deposit

Withdrawal after fourth week - no refund

Field Assignment (outreach) Phase

Field assignment costs are non-refundable except under special circumstances (ill health, etc) where the amount refunded will be determined according to the circumstance.

*All refunds will be given in the same currency in which they were paid unless the method of payment is impractical or requested by the student.

*Refunds will be paid only to the person who has entered into the course unless the person directs us in writing for it to be paid to someone else.

*Refunds will be paid no later than two months after withdrawal or the end of the school term, which ever comes later.

I confirm that I understand payment of the required course costs must be made on or before my arrival, unless otherwise arranged with YWAM Byron Bay, and I agree to do so. I also confirm that I am fully aware of the refund policy, my financial obligations, both to the Lord and to the students and staff of the school. 

I therefore accept all responsibility for all fees and personal expenses incurred during my involvement with Youth With A Mission  Byron Bay Inc. 

I also give Youth With A Mission Byron Bay Inc authority to withdraw from the notified trust account amount of my course cost paid in advance of the course commencement for purposes of course setup (IE: lecturer costs, accommodation, tuition resources, purchase of equipment, vehicle leasing and food.)


Burial Release

YWAM - Byron Bay Inc does everything possible to protect staff and students on the field. Although death is extremely rare in service with Youth With A Mission internationally and with YWAM - Byron Bay Inc, it nevertheless needs to be considered. 

In case of death, YWAM - Byron Bay Inc. cannot commit to cover the costs of shipping the body to another country for purposes of burial or to ultimately cover costs of burial in the country of death. If the family desires that the body be transported home, the family must incur the cost. 

Please note: The OSHC insurance that covers DTS, IPHC, BCC, and SOMM students in Australia is only medical coverage. You may choose to obtain travel insurance while you are in Australia to cover burial costs. The Overseas Outreach Insurance is medical cover as well as travel cover. As this is the case, the Overseas Outreach Insurance would cover a portion of the burial costs but only while overseas from Australia. 

It is also strongly advised that every individual, regardless of age, have a will.

Burial Statement 

I agree that in the case of my death while in Youth With A Mission Byron Bay Inc, Youth With A Mission - Byron Bay Inc, may carry out the burial in the location of the deceased. If my family desires to have the body shipped home, my family will pay for it.  I hereby absolve Youth With A Mission Byron Bay Inc, and all its staff and associates of the burial costs.


Release of Liability

I/We do hereby release Youth With a Mission Byron Bay Inc its agents, employees, and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, illness, damage, or loss which may be sustained by the said person during the course of involvement with Youth With a Mission Byron Bay Inc.


Consent for Treatment 

I/We hereby agree to the performance of such treatment, anesthetics and operations as in the opinion of the attending physician is deemed necessary on the applicant.


Signature of Agreement

If I am accepted by Youth With A Mission Byron Bay Inc., I will abide by the spirit, rules and schedule of the school.

I have read and understood the Course Information Booklet and understand that I am applying for enrolment in the course outlined.  (See appropriate Course Information Booklet) 

I have read and understood the Staff and Student Information Handbook. 

I have read and understood the Privacy Policy. 

I am fully aware of the contents, structure and duration of the course. (See appropriate Course Information Booklet) 

I understand that any claim for recognition of prior learning and/or credit transfer is subject to school policy and procedures and that the school's decision will be final and binding. (See Staff and Student Information Handbook) 

I have read and fully understand the financial commitment form. 

I understand that there is no reduction in fees should I receive an exemption for part of the course or should arrive after the scheduled course commencement date. The basis of my enrolment at the school is on a full-time, full-fee paying basis only. 

I understand that it is neither a scholarship, employment or immigration program. I must fund my entire studies and living expenses independently. 

I am not aware of any physical or mental health factors other than those completed on the Confidential Health Form. 

I understand that in the process of assessing my application, consideration will be given to any such health factors, as well as my character profile and recommendations from referees. 

I understand that I am obliged to notify the registered provider of any change of address while I am enrolled in the course.


For International Students

I am aware that as an international student I will leave Australia when my studies are complete and/or my visa expires. 

I understand that my visa application may be refused, despite the fact that I have paid appropriate application fees,supplied all required documentation and undergone the medical examination. 

I agree that if my visa application is not successful I will not enter into any correspondence with the diplomatic post or the school regarding visa application and medical examination charges. 

My student visa will be issued on the basis of being a full-time student and that full attendance at timetabled classes and events is required, excluding illness or similar circumstances. 

I understand that a condition of my student visa is that I must maintain satisfactory academic performance and attendance throughout the course as outlined in the Course Progress policy and procedures. (See Staff and Student Information Handbook)